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Biopolymers from Renewable Resources (Macromolecular Systems - Materials Approach)
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Bio Polymers from Renewable Resources - Natural (Green) Polymers:
Cellulose Polymer:
Cellulose is a carbohydrate naturally made by linking of thousands of simple sugar units. It's
the main building block of plants, and comes to us as a ready-made renewable resource
natural high polymer.
Cellulose and its derivatives are used in textiles for
decades under various trade names including Viscose,
Modal, Lyocell, Rayon, Zantrel®, Tencel®, and
Estron® etc. Usually, the manufacturing of Cellulose
fiber starts with dissolving the Cellulose rich wood pulp
in a solvent, and extruding in to an aqueous bath.

Pure Cellulose fibers have got the attraction of textile
manufacturers due to its attractive properties including
excellent moisture handling, thermal properties,
biodegradability as well as microbiological effects.
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