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Biopolymers from Renewable Resources (Macromolecular Systems - Materials Approach)
Natural Fibers, Biopolymers, and Biocomposites
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Polylactide (PLA) Properties:

Polylactide derived through the fermentation route yields poly(L-lactide)
(PLLA), which is a highly crystalline material, whereas poly(D-lactide) is more
amorphous. The properties of the final polymer depend on the stereo-structure of
the polymer. Thus, by carefully controlling the stereo structure of the final
polymer, products with properties that are useful to the end application can be
For example, PLA derived products includes but not
limited to disposable packaging materials such as
clear, short shelf life trays and lids, dairy containers,
cold drink cups, wrapping for consumer food
applications, candy wraps, milk and oil packaging
bottles, and apparel and non-woven such as sport,
active and underwear, fashion textiles, agricultural
and geo-textiles, diapers and feminine hygiene
products, wipes, household and industrial fabrics
such as bedding, drapery, table cloths, pillow,
comforters and mattress fiber fills, structural
protective foams etc.