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Reference: Zheng, Y. Bai, H., Huang, Z., Tian, X., Nie, F.-Q., Zhao, Y., Zhai, J. & Jiang, L.
Nature 463, 640 (2010).
Bioplastics: Vegetable Oil based polymers

Researchers at Kansas Polymer Research Center, Pittsburg State University, reported
the synthesis of high molecular weight Polyester of methyl ester of 9-hydoxynonanoic
acid (HNME). The green polymer was derived from renewable agricultural resource
castor oil through ozonolysis followed by methanolysis of the triglycerides.

The polyester was
synthesized in bulk
transesterification to
get highly crystalline
polymer, which
exhibit intermediate
properties of a
polyester and
Reference; Zoran S. Petrovi, Jelena Mili, Yijin Xu and Ivana Cvetkovi,
Macromolecules, Published on Web. April 19, 2010
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